The N-1 Rocket

An album of images covering the Soviet Manned Lunar Program, and the N-1 rocket in particular.
  • Animation & Video

    Video Clips and Animations

    7 images

  • Diagrams and plans of the N-1

    This contains various plans and diagrams covering the N-1, it's launch facilities, and related systems.

    81 images

  • N-1 Engines

    Engines and related engines for the N-1 project

    19 images

  • Launch Site and Gantries

    Reference material for the N-1 launch facilities.

    47 images

  • Krechet

    The "Krechet" space suit, developed for walking on the Moon.

    120 images

  • LK Lander

    Reference shots for the LK Moon Lander

    140 images

  • Lunniy orbitallny Korabl

    The Lunar Orbiter, and other sections that would go to the Moon.

    122 images

  • My Rendered Images

    Images showing my progress with the N-1 models. All images copyright N. Stevens

    121 images

  • N-1 Assembly

    Images of N-1 components, generally being assembled.

    16 images

  • N-1 Base

    Shots of the base of the N1 rocket

    18 images

  • Carrier

    Images that show the N-1 carrier train, the Grasshopper.

    25 images

  • N-1 in flight

    These are shots of the N1 rocket launching or in flight. They are generally low resolution video grabs.

    17 images

  • N-1 Rocket Reference Photos

    Photos where the main subject is the N-1 rocket itself, and it's systems.

    74 images

  • Buran

    The pad was adapted for BURAN / ENERGIA and these are a useful reference for the N-1 pad.

    11 images

  • Wreckage, debris and other remains

    ]Bits and pieces left over from the program and the various explosions.

    38 images