The N-1 Rocket
Images that show the N-1 carrier train, the Grasshopper.
  • n1-train-carry
  • n1-on-carrier=x
  • 2nd-n1l3-to-pad  [en]Long range shot of the second N1 on it way to the launch pad.
  • n1-l3-to-launch-pad  [en]N1-L3 on the transporter to the launch pad.
  • n1-on-train  [en]The N1 on it's transporter
  • n1-on-carrier  [en]N1 and trains, being pulled from the factory base first
  • n1-compound-vidb  [en]Overhead view of the N1 on it's carrier, stitched from video frames.
  • grasshopper-carrier  [en]Diagram of the N1 'grasshopper' carrier, with captions in Russian
  • elevated-rocket  [en]The grasshopper carrier, having just erected an N1 rocket (The 5L). The four main pistons are highlighted.
  • vlcsnap-7763081  [en]The N-1 on the train transporter - this shot shows the escape system very well, including the upper set of small rockets. Note that the upper rockets are differing sizes, to pull it from the path of the N1 when ejected.
  • vlcsnap-7759603  [en]Mid section of the N1-5L on the 'Grasshopper' transporter.
  • vlcsnap-7767540  [en]Nose of the N-1 rocket
  • vlcsnap-7839394b  [en]The top of the N1-5L rocket, being lifted into place.
  • vlcsnap-7839020b  [en]Mid section of the N-1 rocket, being lifted into place by the "Grasshopper" carrier.
  • vlcsnap-7838846b  [en]Mid section of the N-1 rocket, being lifted into place by the "Grasshopper" carrier.
  • vlcsnap-7838802b  [en]Huge pistons at the base of the grasshopper carrier.
  • vlcsnap-7836921b  [en]Front view of the N1-5L being transported to the launch pad.
  • vlcsnap-7835605b  [en]The "Grasshopper" carrier starts lifting the N-1 rocket into place. Note the locomotive for scale.
  • vlcsnap-7835472b  [en]Distant view of the N-1 making it's way from the factory to the launch pad.
  • vlcsnap-7835423b  [en]Middle of the N-1 on the transporter.
  • vlcsnap-7835325b  [en]The N-1 emerges from the factory, base first.
  • 381L1bP1b  [en]The N1-3L being lifted into place.
  • n1new2  [en]The N1-3L being lifted into place.
  • N1 800  [en]The N1-5L on the grasshopper transporter, on it's way to the pad.
  • n1e  [en]N1-3L being lifted up. This appears to be a mirror image of other photos, the correct colour is grey not green.