N-1 Assembly

The N-1 Rocket
Images of N-1 components, generally being assembled.
  • inside-hull  [en]I think this is inside the hull during assembly of one of the upper stages of the N1.
  • engines-on  [en]Not sure which part - attitude jet testing.
  • engines-off  [en]Not sure which part - attitude jet testing.
  • n1-on-assembly-carriage  [en]N1 on the assembly carriage in the factory.
  • vlcsnap-7770945  [en]Assembly in the factory.
  • vlcsnap-7764117  [en]Fuel tank in the factory - I think it is the top tank for the third stage.
  • vlcsnap-7764021  [en]Fuel tank in the factory.
  • vlcsnap-7757908
  • qn1assy1  [en]Sections of fuel tank.
  • n-1-stabiliser  [en]One of the grid stabilisers used on Block A.
  • untitled
  • block-g-bw  [en]I need to get this translated.
  • qn1assy2  [en]Major sections being assembled in the factory.
  • n32thu
  • block-a-tank-holder  [en]The main structural support for the lower spherical tank in Block A, the first stage.
  • block-a-plus-technician  [en]Technician at the base of block A in the factory.