N-1 Engines

The N-1 Rocket
Engines and related engines for the N-1 project
  • engine-brown  [en]Engines - not sure exactly which.
  • NK43-picture  [en]The NK-43 engine
  • NK 33 picture  [en]The NK-33 engine
  • NK-33  [en]The NK-33 engine
  • vlcsnap-7771190  [en]Video capture of the base of an N-1  rocket, showing 2 engines. I'm not sure about the colour, but then again other Russian rocket engine bells have red linings.
  • vlcsnap-7836810b  [en]Close up of the bottom of an N-1 rocket. Not sure what the things inside the engine bells are.
  • n1-block-b-test  [en]N-1 Block B engine test.
  • nk33 US Test Fire  [en]Nk33 engine on the test stand.
  • nk-33test  [en]Nk-33 engine on the test stand.
  • nk-43x  [en]Nk-43 engine before being fitted.
  • nk-31-engine  [en]Nk-31 engine.
  • rd-170-engine  [en]RD-170 engine - not directly relevant to the N-1
  • nk-43-engine  [en]Nk-43 rocket engine.
  • nk33-engine  [en]NK33 rocket engine
  • Kusnezow NK-33 engine Mockup  [en]NK-33 rocket engine.
  • engine1
  • 8dunkmai  [en]Soviet rocket engine
  • N1 moteur AJ265859 02  [en]Soviet rocket engine
  • nk-43  [en]NK-43 rocket engines in storage.