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This section of the web site highlights the tutorials I have written.
! hope you find them useful!

Tutorial - Ringed Planet

Ringed Planets

How do model and render ringed gas giant planets, similar to Saturn, in Lightwave 3d.

Lightwave Tutorial - Elegant Tumble

Object Tumble.

How set up a simple elegant object tumble, iniLightwave 3d.

Lightwave Tutorial - Poser Imports

Poser to Lightwave

Importing Poser models into Lightwave 3d. A bit old, but possibly still useful.

Xenodream Fisheye

Show to make extreme fisheye images using the 3D fractal program, Xenodream.

Panorama Tips

Panorama Photo Tips

Some advice to get you started on panoramic photography.

Time Lapse Video with Webcams

Time Lapse Webcams

How to go about making time lapse videos using a webcam.

Xenodream Hints and Tips

Xenodream Hints & Tips

Snappy suggestions for best results from Xenodream!