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This section provides links to other coverage of the N-1, and the Soviet Manned Lunar Program. Please let me know if you find any other good ones!

N1 Reference links in English.

N1 Image Links.

Main N-1 Page

Fun N1 links.

Russian N1 links.

Useful N1 searches.

The Wikipedia pages are a good starting point if you are new to the N-1.

Soviet Moonshot

The LOK orbiter

Baikonur Cosmodrome

Key people on the program on Wikipedia.

The LK lander

Sergei Korolev

Chief designer of spacecraft for the Soviet Union, Korolev was a brilliant engineer and inspirational leader.

Valentin Glushko

The Soviet Union’s foremost rocket engine designer, he had a major falling out with Korolev over the N-1.

Vasily Mishin

He succeeded Korolev as head of the N-1 program, but while a brilliant engineer, he lacked Korolev’s people skills.

Alexei Leonov

The first man to walk in space, his level head in a crisis made him first choice for landing on the Moon.

Boris Chertok

A Korolev deputy, he kept extensive diaries throughout the peak of the Soviet Space Era. These have been professionally translated in his four volume biography, (Rockets and People), and are freely available for download. PDF, MOBI and EPUB formats.  They are extremely well written, and should be considered essential reading for anyone interested in the Soviet Space Program, particularly volumes 3 and 4.

Rockets and People

Other reference sites in English on the web:

RKK Energia / Energia Corp

The corporation that grew out of the N-1 and Buran programs when the Soviet Union broke up. You might consider this the official N-1 site. Follow the links on the left of the page.

Russian Space Web

A highly detailed space encyclopaedia type site, this one concentrating on Russian / Soviet programs, current and historical information with good cross references.

AeroSpace Web

A nice illustrated summary of the Soviet Lunar program.

Marcus Lindroos Site

Marcus has produced a very good comprehensive history of the Soviet Manned Lunar Program.  (However please note my Russian contacts deny that Glushko had anything to do with Korolev being sent to a forced labour camp).

Encyclopedia Astronautica N1

A vast site with all sorts of information on every space program. Impressive in its scope, though graphics are often VERY small.

EA - N1 reasons for failure

Charles Vick  - Mission 1

Charles Vick’s excellent site has a wealth of information, and its worth working through. Here I highlight 3 pages, 2 mission profiles, and his take on why the program failed.

Charles Vick  - Mission 2

Charles Vick  - Failure causes

Century of flight

Another nice article on the Lunar program.

Interviews with Grechko

An interview with Dr Georgi Grechko from 1973, covering the N1-L3 program. A first hand account from a man who was there. Note the link at the bottom of the second interview, for more.

Interview 2

Interview with Vasily P Mishin

A personal interview on the lunar program with Korolev’s successor. I consider this a very important article.

Interview with Dr. Khrushchev

A personal interview with the son of Soviet leader Krushchev. It includes much information of relations between Korolev and Glushko

Interview with Korolev’s biographer, James Harford

This interview covers much of Korolev’s life, the working conditions, and US vs USSR lunar programs.

BBC News Article

Short BBC news item on the N-1

MIR Hardware Heritage

An excellent 220 page NASA PDF document covering the history of the Russian manned space program, including the plans for the manned flight to the Moon.

Martin Trolle’s Photostream

Martin has a huge number of photos taken of the facilities at Baikonur, and you can see  high resolution views, excellent! This chunk focuses on the ‘Grasshopper’ carrier.

MAI LK Lander

An impressive set of close-up photos of the LK Lander at MAI, by “Klingon”!.

Currell: N-1 Card Model

Rather unusual this one - a free downloadable card model of the N-1! Even if you don’t plan on building it, it is useful as a reference - they even got the colour right!

Moon Race 2001

Not content with making a huge physical model of the N-1, these guys built a huge FLYING physical model of the N-1!

LK Lander at Euro Disney

The Space Museum’s photos of the LK Lander when it was at Euro Disney. And what the *!?$ was it doing there?

This is Soviet hardware, so you are likely to find a lot more information if you search n the Russian language - this is particularly helpful with image searches, where you don’t generally need to understand what you are seeing, (though it always helps of course)

Cyrillic search: N1-L3

Cyrillic image search: N1-L3

Russian search: Moon Rocket

Russian image search: Moon Rocket

Buran Site

“Buran”  Site Russian language site including some very good high resolution pictures of the LOK. Many, but not all, sections are also in English. A huge site, well illustrated.

Buran Site - Videos

Buran Site - Pictures

Soviet Space Photos

Photos from many missions, largely of museum exhibits.

Soviet Space Photos

For me the most useful photos were of the LK Lander

Vincent Meens Space Models

A very good source of plans, photos, and diagrams. Aimed at those making physical models, but great for everyone.

My Space Museum

THE N-1 Page at the space museum - explore the whole site too!

Yahoo Space Modellers Group

A general resource for anyone interested in modelling space vehicles, the Yahoo group. Although physical models dominate, the reference stuff is useful to digital modellers.

German N-1 Site

German language site, with large versions of many of the best known N-1 photos.

Google Translate

Babelfish Translate

Of course, online translation is there to help you understand. I prefer Google in general, but sometimes Babelfish does a better job with acronyms. Try translating other key phrases into Russian, and feeding them into search engines.

Mishin Interview

Interview with Mishin, who succeeded Korolev as head of the N-1 program.

Buran Site - N1

Soviet Space Books

This page links to many, many online books and articles about the Soviet space program

N-1 Top Secret!

Loads of detailed information N-1, well worth the effort of translation.

Novosti Kosmonavtiki / Cosmonautics News

This excellent Russian language site has huge image galleries and forums – almost exclusively a Russian language site, but  worth visiting the image galleries even if you speak no Russian at all. The forums are seething with experts on the soviet space programs. The site is hosted by a Russian cosmonautics magazine, but unfortunately you cannot subscribe from outside Russia. Some articles are online too.

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