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This section provides some links to other sites I like a lot and use personally.

Space Related Sites.

Graphics Sites

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Scott Lowther’s UpShip

Scott collects and cleans up tons of reference material on space projects, flown and unflown. From Apollo to Nuclear Pulse, more stuff than you can shake a stick at.

Foundation 3d

The best graphics forum site. Friendly and knowledgeable advice for all levels of CGI experience, and loads of great resources to download, (including many from me).

NASA 3D Models

Quality and detail levels are variable, but there are some very good free 3D models to download available here.


The International Association of Astronomical Artists is THE body if you are serious about realistic space art.

Space Art Sites


If you work in an office as a techie, with a boss who cannot tell the difference between an etch-a-sketch and a laptop, this is essential reading.

Humour Sites


The arrogant  city slicker who understands the world of finance. Consistently well informed digs at the 1%

Bjorn Jonsson’s Site

The master of digital astronomical renderings, with some stunning maps for CGI astro graphics types.

Atmospheric Optics

Beautiful photos and explanations of astronomical phenomena here on Earth. Rainbows, halos, and many other more obscure atmospheric effects.

Jim Plaxco

Mars Art Gallery. A collection of images of Mars created from the raw image data from various robotic missions to Mars.

Dr Mark Garlick

The space art pages have a fine gallery and shop,  the other site, words and pictures,  also has literature from science fiction and related genres.

Don Dixon

Cosmographica. Don Dixon's space art, with online gallery and shop.

Kevin Davies

The Space Art of Kevin Davies. With online gallery and sales.

Julie Rodriguez Jones

Art from the Soul. Astronomical and fine art, liturgical arts, greeting cards, graphic services and art products of Julie Rodriguez Jones.

Erika McGinnis

The Art of Erika McGinnis

Steven Hobbs

Steven Hobbs Photography and illustration

David A Hardy

The most excellent web site of the British space art master, David Hardy!

Lonny Buinis

Astronomy In Motion: Space Animation and Art by Lonny Buinis