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This galleries contains Space Art images from my more major projects.

Bernal Sphere

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BIS Heavy Rocket

This is a post war design by the British Interplanetary Society for a heavy rocket, clearly vbased on the V2.

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Black Arrow

The Black Arrow was a britich space project, which developed a succesful small rocket, and placed the satellite 'Prospero'. The UK remains the only nation in the world to develop and drop a sucessful space program.

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Colliers Moon Landers

Colliers Moon Landers

12 images

Convair NIV

Convair Nuclear Interplanetary Vehicle

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Cosmic Butterfly

The Cosmic Butterfly, Ion propulsion vehicle.

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The Daedelus was a design project by the British Interplanetary Society, to devope a credible near future unmanned interstellar probe, with a flight time to Barnards star of 50 years or less.

17 images


EARL is a British proposal for a reusable launch vehicle which can operate in a variety of configurations from sounding rocket up to full orbital vehicle. I was asked to do a selection of visualisations for this exciting project!

15 images

Energia Buran Vulkan

This frlder is for a current work in progress, where I am trying to create the Energia / Buran / Vulkan system, which was being worked on at the fall of the Soviet Union.

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Focal telescope

Focal Telescope - A proposal to send a telescope out to where the sun can act as a gravitational lens to focus stars with incredible sensitivity

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Gemini Titan

A partially completed Titan Rocket - Gemini modelling project.

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HOTOL, the British space plane design.

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IMIS Nerva

The IMIS design was the Integrated Manned Interplanetary Spacecraft, intended for a variety of missions to the Moon, Mars and Venus.

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Jodrell Bank Radio Telescope

The Lovell Telescope at Jodrell Bank. The most complex model I have ever attempted.

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Long Playing Rocket

The "Long Playing Rocket" was a term for a sounding rocket that would stay up longer - in fact, indefinitely.

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Long Sun Hollow Asteroid

An attempt to model aqn environment inside a hollow asteroid generation ship. Only partly successful I fear.

8 images

Luna 2

Luna 2, the Soviet probe which impacted the Moon.

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The Medusa is a design for a vehicle that is part solar sail, part Orion style nuclear pulse. The bombs push the sail forwards, and the cables play out to control the acceleration. There are major issues with exposing the capsule directly to the explosions.

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Moon Escape System

The Moon Escape System, of Lunar Escape Device.

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Orion Nuclear Pulse

The 'Orion' was a serious design for a biarre vehicle, a spaceship propelled by a series of atomic explosions behind a large pusher plate.

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The Russian 'Proton' launcher

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This is the Ringworld, the famous concept by Larry Niven for an artificial world.

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Rombus Icarus

Rombus / Icarus

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Solar Sailing

A solar sail is a means of sailing through space powered by sunlight striking a large ultra lightwieght sail.

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Soviet N1 Moon Rocket

The Soviet N-1 moon rocket.

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A Soviet / Russian style space station.

My project to build a Russian style credible modular space station in Lightwave. One of the first serious projects i was really happy with.

23 images

Soyuz Plus

Soyux Rocket, and a Fregat space tug. This project is not yet complete.

18 images

Umbrella ship

One of the strangest ever looking serious spacecraft designs, the 'Umbrella Ship' by Ernst Stuhlinger. The idea was to use an ion engine powered by a nuclear reactor. The large array at the top is the cooling vane system, to radiate excess heat.

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von Brauns RM-1

One concept of Werher von Brauns I particularly liked was the RM-1 Lunar Reconaisance rocket, intended for Apollo 8 style lunar circumnavigation missions.

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Wernher von Braun concepts

Wernher von Vraun, the man behind the V2 rocket and the Saturn V, had many concepts for other spacecraftthatwere never built. These images explore some of those early concepts.

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